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We can help you protect your future with easy to understand solutions to keep your business running.

Key Person Cover

This is simply life insurance on the key person or persons in a business. In a small business, this is usually the owner/s or perhaps a key employee. The company can use the insurance proceeds to find a replacement, pay off debts or cover loss of sales.

Business Debt Protection

Ensures the business has enough cash to repay debts or service loans, free up cashflow and maintain its credit standing if a business owner or loan guarantor dies or is disabled.

Buy/Sell Protection

When this type of insurance is in place it provides the continuing owners with sufficient cash to purchase the outgoing owners share if a business owner dies, is disabled or suffers a critical illness.

Guarantor/Third Party Protection

Many small business owners personally guarantee the business loans and finance using their family home as security and sometimes there is a silent funding partner. This cover can prevent the loss of the family home or other assets if a guarantor dies, is disabled or suffers a critical illness.

Business Expense Cover

This covers the fixed costs of your business such as rent, loan & lease repayments, electricity, accounting, etc. in the event of illness or disability.

We work with you to create a strategy that protects your business, your family and your assets if you or your business partners die, are permanently disabled or suffer a critical illness.

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